Euphonic Spotlight: PPF

Welcome to the first of hopefully many Euphonic Spotlight posts I’d like to make. Considering the word Euphonic more or less means ‘pleasing to the ear’ I wanted to be sure I wrote a bit about some of my favorite video-game soundtracks, cover-artists, remixes, and all the rest. Ever since I was young I felt a strong connection to the soundtracks of the various video games I experienced. I recall having an argument with a beloved friend of mine about if the Super Mario Bros. theme was ‘music’, or at least ‘good music’. While I held the position of “Heck yeah,” she did not. It took many years later but she finally came around. Just because those games early on sounded robotic and unnatural, there was so much real music theory being applied that she wasn’t ready to understand. Now I don’t tend to go deep into the music theory part of gaming soundtracks. I just love how they sound. I love how they make me feel. I find it fun or emotional or calming to listen to gaming music. At the right moments I like listening to the ones that amp me up. So alas, I want to showcase some particular people or tunes or anything in-between that catches my liking. Maybe it’ll catch yours too.

Today that first spotlight comes in the form of someone who probably has one of the least euphonic usernames, a You-tuber named PoopPoopFart, or PPF for short. Despite the long-form name, which I actually only realized recently after down-voting a lot of comments which I now realize were actually affectionate, I have come to enjoy his work. With 46,940 subscribers as of this post, he has a decent following. He is one of those musicians that tackles multiple instruments. When I say ‘multiple’ I’m probably not even doing it justice. He is incredibly talented with a lot of sounds and what he does is record all the different parts of video game tracks while combining them to perform the whole song himself. His latest track is the incredible Dragon Roost Island Theme from the hopeful Gamecube game, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. This soundtrack is so influential to me that it should actually have a spot in my upcoming wedding later this year.

I discovered PPF while perusing the catacombs of You-tube and one particular video and track caught my ears. It wasn’t his Zelda tracks or his Super Mario Bros. 3 medley, but it was a different medley of his. It was rendition of the Gruntilda’s Lair theme from Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo 64. The original was part of the amazing soundtrack created by Grant Kirkhope. The thing about the Banjo-Kazooie game that made it so unique was the fact that as you roamed areas in the game the music would change tone to match where you were at. There were few areas as distinctly special in this manner than Gruntilda’s Lair itself. This was the hub world. This was how you went from stage to stage and inside it you’d always hear Gruntilda’s Lair theme. As you neared the entrances to each very uniquely themed stage you’d hear the musical stylings of that stage come into earshot. The game does this whole mechanic really well but PPF manages to capture it so beautifully that I cannot believe one person did this alone. His video hits every single styling while also blending them in seamlessly as if I’m that bear and bird roaming the lair myself. The whole thing is special and it is a beauty to behold. Please give it a listen below and give PPF a little of your time, perhaps even a subscription.

I hope this is euphony to your ears! Enjoy!


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