Splatfest: Chicken Vs Egg (Splatoon 2)

It’s that beautiful time of the month where squids and kids come together to splat each other. This time we do it over what came first, the Chicken or the Egg? A simple question that demands an all out brawl to decide! I love Splatfests because in their very nature the competition factor is raised up. The stakes are higher. Each pairing of options is relatively tame and sometimes even farmed out to something as brand-specific as ‘Spongebob vs. Patrick’. Today asks the simpler question in life and I chose ‘Egg’. I love how the colors for Splatfest are special against your own rivals. Today the stage is covered in a yolk-yellow and eggshell-white mix.

I was going to try and play in the evening as my region has Splatfest starting at 11pm on Friday. I was just too tired. After a decent-night’s rest I woke up to hit the squids and played my first ten matches. Things did not go well at first. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I was unfamiliar with the new stage. Maybe I was not playing my best. Maybe Team Egg was where all the less-skilled players flocked to. I don’t quite know but my first three matches were all losses. One on Humpback Pump Track and the next two on Shifty Station. Each Splatfest the stage ‘Shifty Station’ changes in drastic ways. This is a glorious feature of Splatoon 2 and I hope that someday we can revisit these Shifty Station stages somehow. This time around Shifty Station is a spiraling stage which has the end sections and middle eventually close off for the rest of the match. This means you need to strategize to get into those sections early enough to get trapped in. This way you can clean up and warp out, leaving permanent marks on your score. This fact… eluded me initially. My first two times in that stage were not strong….embarrassing really. Though, to be fair to myself, I was the top player on my team the first time in that stage… the first two matches in fact!


Once I learned the trick to the stage, my luck changed. Not that I suddenly cleaned up around there or anything but no longer was the stage working against me, just the opponents. As I continued to play I went from a 0/3 streak to 5/8. Three straight losses lead to five straight wins. With a loss in Shifty Station again (crushed!) and then a nice win in Walleye Warehouse, I ended my first 10 matches with a 6/10 record. A little low for my general average (as I’m usually 3/4 for wins) but not bad for starting out. Breakfast was calling my name (as was a shower) so I had to put down the N’Zap ’89 and leave my fellow squid-kids on the battlefield… for a little while anyway. Here are two favorite moments from the first wave of Splatfest battles…

…and one not so favorite moment. This is why I don’t play basketball.

Once the afternoon came, I jumped back in to support the team. The stages had changed. I was on the tail end of a set and so Shellendorf Institute and Manta Maria were chosen. I love me some Manta Maria but man my start back was horrible. Just couldn’t get my grips. Manta Maria is a pretty neatly themed stage. You’re on a giant boat with a mast in the middle connecting both areas. Lots of sneaky ways to progress. Shellendorf Institute is a stage I like a lot in theme but I’m not super fond of yet. I find that I have no real strategy for it yet. It has been around for a while so you’d think I’d come up with something by now. 1PM ET hit and the stages changed again. My record on both those stages tarnished for the rest of Splatfest. This time Sturgeon Shipyard and Kelp Dome join Shifty Station. Kelp Dome was one of my most hated in Splatoon for the Wii U but I’ve warmed up to the revised version featured in Splatoon 2. Despite my comfort in these stages… luck and skill were not my friends. I endured a horrible losing streak which massacred my ratio. Finally however, on Kelp Dome once again my luck changed. I raged and succeeded in another win, ending that streak. I nabbed 12 splats, 2,203 points, and used my special 4 times. Only died once. I even had this weird moment where I literally followed someone around the whole stage from their zone to mine and back. I didn’t get them but I got someone else in the process. I just couldn’t reach them. They must have had a heart attack in my pursuit. By the time my 19th match was over I was under a 50% win percentage overall and just an even 50% with ‘just Chicken’ as my opponent. My first match of the Splatfest was against Team Egg so that one match throws the numbers off a little bit. It pains me to see myself so close to NOT supporting my team. Its not that I’ve always won every Splatfest I’ve partaken in. However I have never not ADDED to my Team’s efforts. This is concerning. After a few more matches, still battered and bruised, I took a break.

Upon returning for the night after a hefty meal fit for a King, I prepared to fix that ratio of mine. Unfortunately that just didn’t happen. I played 12 more matches before I finally hit Egg Queen and it simply just wasn’t in the cards. I only won five of those matches. Even the matches where I was the Top Player on my team I still lost overall. I don’t always blame my teammates because I certainly screw up and I am occasionally the last player on my team. This Splatfest I just wasn’t feeling it I guess. No Shulk-ing out. It is highly disappointing that I ended up losing so much that I actually hurt my overall Team’s efforts in the Splatfest. That’s crazy and it has never happened previously. I guess this keeps me humble still. I suppose I chose the wrong side…. or maybe this was just the side for me anyway. Right now I am expecting Team Chicken to win. Maybe they were persuaded for the white ink. Ah well. Until next time! Here’s the image of my last match, which I did win. Then I’ll share my stats. Luckily despite my major losing streak, I finished my climb to Egg Queen with three back-to-back wins in Shifty Station, Moray Towers, and then finally MakoMart.



  • Total Matches Played To Reach “Egg Queen”: 37 Matches
  • Total Points Earned Overall: 50,200 points
  • Average Points Earned Per Match (Not Counting Bonus):  897 points
  • Most Points In A Single Match: 2,203 points
  • Matches As The Top Player On The Team: 12 Matches / 32.4% of Matches
  • Win/Loss Ratio: 17 wins to 20 losses
  • Weapon of Choice: N’Zap ’89
  • Best Session: Morning Session (60% Win Rate)
  • Total Splats: 254 Splats
  • Average Splats Per Game: 7 Splats
  • Maximum Splats In A Single Match: 12 Splats
  • Highest ‘Win’ Percentage: 66.3%
  • Closest Match Percentage: 2.20% (it was a loss)
  • Percentage of Matches Against My Own Team: 2.7% of Matches (1 of 37)
  • Most Played Stage: Shifty Station (10 times)
  • Most Played Stage Besides Shifty Station: Kelp Dome (8 times)
  • No-Death Matches: 1 Match (on Shifty Station)
  • Best Splat-to-Death Ratio For A Stage: Moray Towers – 371% Splat Rate (26 splats/7 deaths)

While it is embarrassing that I have three stages where I never won at all on… to be fair I only encountered those once. It was Humpback Pump Track, Manta Maria, and Shellendorf Institute. To put things in a better perspective, I ended up playing Walleye Warehouse four times and won each and every time on that. Then I had won fifty percent of the time on Sturgeon Shipyard, Moray Towers, and Shifty Station.


All in all this was a unique Splatfest. Despite the frustration, I am humbled and hopeful for my fellow #TeamEgg folks. The loser of Splatfest gets only three-less Sea-Snails as the winner at the full-rank. So win or lose, I am still going to enjoy the effort placed into the event. I need to rank up as much gear as I can because come the end of April I’ll have even more to tackle. I hope everyone had fun with Splatfest! I hope Nintendo lets us play all these fantastic Shifty Station stages once Splatfests are over. It’d be great if Splatfest never ended! Keep an eye out for a future post about the results. It’ll be short and sweet but I’d like to chronicle the result.



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