Splatoon 2: Splatfest Results – 03/10/2018

Yesterday was rough. Splatfest did NOT go as I planned. I felt like I weighed down the overall cause for Team Egg. Today the results came in. I was hopeful but skeptical. The banter started. I saw that Team Egg took the popularity vote! Whoa! Awesome! 59% to 41%! What a difference! Now we had hope! We only needed to have been better than Team Chicken in one of the two other categories to win. However if Team Chicken was overall better, it was over. The Buda Buda Buda rang through the scene…




Splatfest Results March 2018


Oh! Crushed! Not just lost, but lost by a good margin! My ‘Solo’ effort showed through. Ironically enough my average percentage of wins literally was within a percent or so of the actual result. Wild and disappointing. Ah well. Good Game Team Chicken. At least Marina tried to explain some logic…

Marina's Logic

All in all, it was still fun. I ended up tracking a few matches after to see how I’m truly faring. I swear my ego isn’t that fragile but I did play some Splatoon 2 today and I won all five matches I was in. I was the top player in three of them. Who knows what happened yesterday. Bring on the next Splatfest though! I’ll be ready.


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