King’s Story Cafe

When I was visiting Atlanta, Georgia many years ago for business, I found a breakfast cafe called Egg Harbor Cafe. The meal and overall presentation of the restaurant blew my mind. The meal was adequately priced despite the plethora of portions, fantastic food quality, and incredible hospitality. I went there for breakfast four out of the five times I was able to that trip. Luckily it was discovered early on. This is the only location in the south however as this restaurant is based in the Chicago area, which is where I currently reside for another work-related trip. I knew I had to pop in finally and enjoy that Banana Bread French toast I had been waiting nearly the whole life-span of the Wii U for.

Today was my second of three planned days having breakfast there and today something extra special happened. As part of their general feel and premise, Egg Harbor Cafe has a very calm and quiet presence. The colors aren’t loud. The decor is homey. The music is calming. Instead of top 40 hits or some kind of ‘Best of’ Pandora station, they play classical music. I sat there enjoying my Peppers and Bacon skillet this morning when all the sudden I hear a very familiar classical track. The track was familiar because I recognized it from Little King’s Story. This detail just made my day. It has been a long day nonetheless so my memory of which particular song it was is slightly hazy but I believe it was the original classic track for the Little King’s Story track, “A Grand Palace”.  There’s a small chance it was the “Opening/Credits” theme but I am more confident it was the former.

Hearing this track made my morning. I started my day thinking fondly about one of my most fondly remembered gaming memories for the Nintendo Wii or otherwise. Little King’s Story is one of those games where I don’t remember the circumstances around when and why I bought it. I’m not quite sure what attracted me to it initially. Sure the Pikmin-style gameplay/management was cool but this game predates my love of Pikmin. The graphical style was really neat and the game was super meaty. The premise and execution was funky in a pleasing way. Yet, the music still always sands out to me as key.

Little King’s Story’s soundtrack involves almost all, if not all, classical music tracks that are redone to have a bit of a new sound and cleanness to the quality.  It kept the feeling of an actual small court of regal royalty strong. The mystical nature of why I was suddenly the King in town was fun, but enhanced in that I might know these tracks in reality let alone as my in-game character. I have listened to the soundtrack many times in my days. I am right now in fact.

Tomorrow I plan to revisit the Egg Harbor Cafe at the same location I’ve frequented the last two days. I will enjoy that Banana Bread French toast once more (but with some hashbrowns I think this time). I hope to hear more of that classical music. It would be neat to come across “Mozart eine kleine nachtmusik movement 4” once again. This is the track used for the basis and near entirety of “A Grand Palace” from Little King’s Story. Maybe I’ll hear even more familiar tracks. No matter what though, I fully expect a delicious, cost-effective, and speedy breakfast.

I hightly encourage any readers out there to do two things.

  1. Try to find a copy and then play Little King’s Story
  2. Visit an Egg Harbor Cafe while you’re in the Chicago or Atlanta areas.

You will not regret either of these decisions. I assure you.


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