Coming Home: Part One

I sat there on my couch watching some Doctor Who with my fiancee. We had been doing a lot of wedding talk this weekend. Our big day is months away but there is a lot to be done. Our day is meant to be one of love, friends, family, and gaming. We started our relationship long-distance and Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a huge proponent in our early relationship. We would play and share and support. What we did in the game spread to our relationship as we have had a playful, selfless, and supportive relationship for years. Since ACNL had such a huge impact, our wedding overall has tinges of Nintendo gaming and our reception in particular will have a heavy Animal Crossing theme. I figured I’d go visit Lucciola once more, my old town from long ago.

Booting up my New 2DS XL, I hit up my Play Records to see what was going on. It seems I first played Animal Crossing: New Leaf on June 13th, 2013. I don’t suspect that’s accurate as I recall this being a day one game. However I used to dabble in time manipulation for the sake of earning back Play Coins. I used to be heavy into the puzzle-collecting scene. Nonetheless my last played time was October 4th, 2015, which seems a bit more appropriate. The idea that is has been over two years is accurate. Yet, the game still holds such a special place in my heart. The series really. I still find myself missing Sydney, the cheery Koala who always made my day, as if she was a real person. I’ve actually been hesitant to hop in because I know I can’t dedicate the time I’d want to and that they’d deserve. Like an old friend coming home for a weekend, afraid to rekindle with the friends they had in highschool,… Worried they let them down, or couldn’t help them. Seems truly silly. I had spent 608:34 hours total into the game over my time with it. 604 play sessions, thus averaging an hour or so. It still is to this day my number one most played 3DS game by hours and stands behind only the StreetPass Mii Plaza and the System Settings for times opened. For comparison my fourth most opened software on 3DS was Pokemon Shuffle at a measly 451 instances.

Enough preamble. It was time for me to hop on the train and see how things were back home. By the time I was able to sit down and begin the endeavor some time had actually passed. So it was now 9:30 PM or so when I dove in. I was greeted by Isabelle who took time to not only be a little shocked to see me but also to explain all about some new additions to my town. I hadn’t booted this game up since the Welcome amiibo DLC was added so this was quite new.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 1

When I finally left my house the sun was down and the moon was shining bright. It was quite apparent that I had been away for a bit. Pete was there to let me know he couldn’t deliver any more messages because my mailbox was full. It frantically shook behind me. “Yeah Pete, I am well aware. Thanks.” It was now that I realized I never fixed my 2DS XL’s time for day-light’s savings time. So it was apparently around 8:41 PM when I started exploring. I found my old yard was still looking good. A slew of hybrid flowers covered the area. Deena was still watering those things. She always was really good at being a neighbor with a green thumb. She couldn’t believe it was me she was seeing. She demanded (politely) that I let everyone know that the leader of Lucciola had returned. Then she asked for a Wharf Roach and was on her way. There was so many different places I could go. So much to see! I headed right and found that someone new was moving in… and probably was building their house right on top of some of my hybrids! WHAT THE HECK!? Well… I couldn’t be that mad after all. It’s not like I was here policing the situation. I was still surprised though.

But if she was moving in then… WHO MOVED OUT!? I dashed as quick as I could west. I recall that’s where Sydney lived. Sydney was my best friend in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf high points. She was the sunshine that came to me daily and early. Sydney has a normal personality. Her level-headed kindness was truly a treat to behold. It’s half the reason I felt so connected to this game. I ran so fast that I completely blew past Beau, the deer who lived next to her. Luckily, while Beau looked at me oddly, I gazed upon Sydney’s home. She was still here. Hopefully she’d stay for a while yet. I might as well go say hi to Beau though I thought. He was saying “bubble” a lot. Deena did too. It seems the new ‘it’ word in town was “bubble”. I was cool with that. He wanted me to buy a weeping fig. Said we were meant to be together, the fig and I. I really didn’t want nor need a fig. I’m not big on houseplants. Yet, I couldn’t deny him the offer. He was trying to make my life bette. I took the deal. Conveniently I returned home with 10,000 bells CASH in my pocket. I could spare 960 bells. No big deal. The currency and economy in the Animal Crossing series is really well done. The online trading can be really weird and I have a whole story about a turkey that I could tell sometime, but for now, I just wanted to note that this game does money well. It’s not too easy to earn, but not too hard to save up. Items are mostly fairly priced but even the ones that aren’t are supposed to be that way. I’m thinking of you Gracie!

Animal Crossing Coming Home 2

I came upon my campsite I ran in town. However before I went in to greet the stranger I realized I wasn’t quite pleased with my look. Before I returned, I’m not sure where I was vacationing exactly… I was wearing some funky shorts, sandals, a spiderweb shirt, a sombrero, and some Sally-Jesse Raphael glasses. What a bender that must have been. I had nothing on me but for a Golden Shovel, a Golden Axe, and now a weeping fig. Couldn’t quite wear any of those. So I opted to use a pattern I had in reserve. It was a PRO one I nabbed off some website at some point. Link’s Blue Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. As I stood there changing a red balloon flew overhead. Having no idea where my slingshot was, I had to let it float by. I entered the tent and to my surprise, it was an anomalous creature who went by the name Graham. He was a hamster with a desire to stick me with his dingy playroom rug. I may have some really messed up hair from not having it kept up these last few years, but damn if I was going to get taken for a ride by some temporary resident.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 3

After politely backing out, I left. I just wanted to find Sydney and get to bed. I’d explore the rest of town and my old house in due time. I just needed to speak to Sydney, make sure she knew I still cared, and ensured she wouldn’t leave. In doing so I found a bunch of junk I left on the ground. Still there. This is a hell of a trusting town. Nobody touched my stuff for years and it was sitting in front of the Re-Tail Shop. That would have been tempting to pawn off for sure. Nearby I found the old cutout board I had setup in town. This board had seen some ugly artwork, but someone (maybe me) put on a Captain Toad cutout. How neat.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 4

Then walked over Goose. He was the resident Chicken. He said Eggcellent. He loved working out. He was pretty different than the rest of the crew. He was still wearing the ‘I Love You’ shirt I had made for my fiancee Erika long ago. It wasn’t even meant to be a shirt but merely a pattern for a sign. Still, I appreciated his dedication to love and kindness, despite being pretty pissed at me for missing our workouts.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 5

I had one thing left to do for the night. I had to find Sydney. I ran round town looking for her. Running down the shoreline. Running past Punchy’s (so glad he’s still here too). Then at the front of town I found her. She had a shovel and was likely digging for gold. It was so good to see her. She still called me Sunshine. I missed that. “You are an indispensable part of Lucciola!” she exclaimed. What a delight she is. She gave me a drip pail for no reason.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 7

Animal Crossing Coming Home 8

I walked back home calmly and happily. All was going to be well I think. I checked my mailbox, which was still freaking out and I read the usual junk mail. Though it seems Goose invited me to his birthday party last year… or the year before… Definitely missed that. Beau sent me a barbecue-scented letter just to make me hungry. In the end it seems a lot of my old friends were still here. Goose, Spork, Opal, Sydney, Coco, Deena, Beau, Punchy, and Tom all resided. If I recall correctly, I wanted Coco outta here. Maybe I’ll pick up on that. I need to say hi to Punchy and Spork. They are some other big favorites of mine. For now though I need rest, so saving and sleeping I did. In another installment I’ll write about my home decor. I haven’t seen my home in a while and I suspect my future actual upcoming wedding might have some references in there somewhere. It’ll be fun to check out.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 9

It’s nice to be back.


One thought on “Coming Home: Part One

  1. I hope Animal Crossing Switch is announced soon, and brings some of the same joy games like this one does! It’s been years since I visited my town as well… I think next time I will get it digitally so I don’t have to swap carts. That’s the main reason I haven’t played, really.


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