Kickstarter Notice: TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME

Many years ago I made an internet friend through the long-running Nintendo fan forum, Well, I’ve met many friends through there but you may know of one guy… Mr. Matthew Taranto. He knows a LOT of people as he ran the insanely popular and incredibly well-produced Nintendo-inspired fan comic series Brawl In The Family. In that comic, various characters from the Super Smash Bros. series get into crazy antics and funny scenarios. Taranto was brilliant with how he played each of their personalities off of one another. Arguably, no character hit the mainstream and meme circuit more than his take on Waluigi. Creepy, maniacal, peculiar… Waluigi was taken to entirely new heights when Brawl In The Family took the stage. The web comic ran from 2008 through 2014 when its final chapter was written to the disappointment of many fans. Matthew used his deserved internet fame to launch multiple kickstarter programs which would solidify his series in a truly robust book form. I proudly have the full collection in my home library. With that series we thought he was truly done (except for perhaps the comics he draws for Nintendo Force). That in itself is a great Nintendo-centric paper magazine funded solely through Patreon. I digress. It came to a major surprise when suddenly Matthew’s fourth kickstarter campaign was launched for his new book all about Waluigi called…


Too Bad Waluigi Time

As you can see from the screenshot I took tonight… he has ALREADY his his goal of $25,000 dollars. His kickstarter breaks it all out and now he has the funding to make this book in the same fantastic quality of his past books. I proudly threw my support into the ring as Mr. 175th Supporter! Considering I supported this book within the first moments of its existence, being 175th is a fantastic thing to see. Seeing he now has three times that amount is even better. Each and every dollar from here on out will go to making this  book as full and fantastic as he can possibly make it. The publisher he partnered with for the previous Brawl In The Family books did amazing things in regards to the quality of the physical books.

The best way to see if this book might interest you is to simply check out the kickstarter website yourself. Click here to do so. He has a great video showcasing what you may expect from the whole ordeal. I can tell that by the quality and humor he has put into his kickstarter itself, this is going to be something special once again. If you think anything when you think Matthew Taranto, think Quality.

I leave you with one of the comics he showcases on his kickstarter page. Think of it as a final tease and temptation before you go support this book. Please give it some consideration.

Waluigi Time Sample Comic


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