A new trend in Twitter hashtag games is the #GamesStruck4 tag. I decided to play along. Here are five sentences each about each title that I’d choose as some of my most influential and most memorable. I think that’s what the hashtag is about anyway. It seems to have a different meaning to many people and hell, I might be picking different games if it were a different day. Alas, here’s tonight’s mood and opinion.


The pinnacle of collecting and exploring, this game stunned me and still does. The soundtrack has stuck with me to the point I recently picked up the vinyl set. I have 100%ed this game multiple times and I can remember every nook and cranny to this day. This game has since inspired my Instagram account name and my cat’s name. This will always be one of my favorite and most influential titles of all time.



Having put nearly 1,000 hours into this series in the past three years between it’s original and sequel, this series has been a hobby-changer for me. I find such enjoyment, and fever, and intensity in these four-on-four matches. Ranked Modes are fun and the Story is a major treat. It’s Turf War though that pulls me back in… each and every day. I rarely go without playing for at least a match or two.


Super Mario 64

Despite Banjo-Kazooie being the overall better game in my eyes, Super Mario 64 defined the start of my maturation into modern gaming. I was a Genesis Kid, NES Kid, and Gameboy Boy, but it was Christmas morning when I think I truly became a life-long gamer. Bacon sizzling in the background, with my loving parents preparing a delicious breakfast, I spent Christmas morning in 1996 climbing up a mountain with my main-man-Mario! What I found up there changed my sense of amazement and confidence permanently. The remaining 119 stars were just icing on the cake.


Timesplitters: Future Perfect

My fourth title could have been a lot of them but this one came to mind. This game was so bonkers and had such a great story. It tapped into my scientific-appreciative mind and brought me face to face with not just time travel, but giant Gingerbread Men and a Zombie-Deer. The time spent playing multiplayer with my cousin and friends, in the same room mind you, are hours and hours I will never ask to trade. This game bonded people over laugher and tactics.



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