E3 2018 Wishlist

E3 is just days away. Really, it kind of started… earlier today I came across EA’s live-stream which showcased their upcoming title, Anthem. It looks pretty cool, like a more elaborate and HD-lookin’ Xenoblade Chronicles X plus vast actual underwater areas. In anticipation of E3 this year I put together a special game, originally developed by a buddy of mine named InfinityWave from http://www.NegativeWorld.org. In it we have four categories of rumors or ideas for this upcoming E3 as far as Nintendo’s concerned. Each round gets increasingly more risky but also more outlandish. It’s a fun game and perhaps I’ll share the results on here at a later date. It’s not finished till the week is over.

So lets think about what I would want. What would be a dream E3? The question is contextual because any given year, new things and different things are happening with companies and have happened in the previous year. Some things I would love would see happen but some just never will, no matter how much I hope. Below you’ll see my six most desired things within the realm of actual plausibility, and three that flat out won’t ever happen. I’d take the bet on it.

Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch


After how last E3 went, the great reveals, the post-Switch-release hype, and everything in-between, one thing was clearly lacking. Animal Crossing was not announced on Switch. Sure there was the mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which was coming out in the Fall, but there was no mention of a main-line game coming to the Switch or even the 3DS. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is easily the best game in the entire series, came out nearly six years ago. It is beyond time for a new game in this series to release. Somewhere in that gap was Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, both showcased an Animal Crossing track which beautifully rendered our favorite villagers and assets into glorious and crisp high-definition. For me, an Animal Crossing game for Switch would be a major success if it does a few things. First it needs to take the core New Leaf formula and expand it. I wouldn’t be opposed to being the Mayor again, as it had its perks. However, a new role would be just fine by me as well.  As long as we have power to control things in the whole town we’d be fine however they handled it. What matters even more though is the idea of more easily being able to integrate into friends towns and do more within them. I used to really care about having my fiancee be able to play on my copy of the game and share life in the same town as me however now that the Switch is out and it is plain brilliant, this isn’t so important. I know she’ll buy her own copy, as will I, and we can play in the same room still via the super-convenient hand-held mode of the Switch. It’ll be a blast. Lastly, we need more new music. One of my absolute favorite things about this series is the music and when Animal Crossing: City Folk rehashed a bunch of the ideas from Animal Crossing: Wild World, including the music, I was disappointed. Lets get a new vibe. Lets get some new music. Lets get a new Animal Crossing game. Lets get it as soon as possible. Those fish aren’t going to catch themselves!

Metroid Prime is a HD Explorathon on steroids


The moment I played Metroid Prime on the Gamecube, life changed. There was life before Metroid Prime and life after it. The atmospheric nature of the series blew me away. I wasn’t really much of a Metroid person at this time either. I can’t remember if I played Super Metroid before or after its release. Metroid Prime took a first-person perspective and threw you into planet exploration like I had never seen before. The bosses were epic. The scans were interesting reads. The immersion was unlike Nintendo had given us before. Thankfully they tasked the Retro Studios team on this one because they were masterful. The sequels were also really fun but the original was always the best. Now that Nintendo has finally answered the call for Metroid Prime 4 with their teaser last year, I hope they’ll unveil just how amazing this next entry will be. A great story, incredible graphics, and an even more fun and expansive world to explore. I want to 100% this one to the best of my ability and all from the eyes of that wonderful Samus Aran’s perspective. As I mentioned, Nintendo teased Metroid Prime 4 last year. With Super Smash Bros. being a major fixture in this year’s E3 already, pairing it with an unveiling of this new Metroid game will be bar-none one of the most memorable experiences in Nintendo’s E3 history. I don’t expect Metroid Prime 4 to hit this year, but that’d be neat. I can wait another as long as they really flesh this out. Suit Up!

“Something” Maker


Nintendo fans are a particularly creative bunch I think. Nintendo tries to cater to this sense of creation and discovery with things like Nintendo Labo and Mario Paint. However, Super Mario Maker was a stunning breath of life into the Wii U console and a sequel is something I think many of us clamor for. A Super Mario Maker for Switch would be really awesome. It would combine a large beautiful screen, touch controls, hand-held gaming, but anywhere. Obviously, one of the issues would be being able to update the interface to that of a one-screen setup which the Wii U didn’t have to worry about. I think this could be pretty cleanly overcome though. They could add in proper slopes, new themes, and a plethora of new items and characters. Just an amped up version of making Mario games would be a major success for the platform. Maybe you could even make your own Super Mario Run stages, which would be pretty wild too. However it isn’t just Mario that I or others want to make. I think it would be neat to expand this a bit more. The question is, expand to what? Would we get a Legend of Zelda Maker? A Mario Kart Maker? Perhaps they can come up with something inventive but easy enough to use in order to appeal to the masses. I would love a chance to make something in Nintendo’s image as I did with my Super Mario Maker stages. It doesn’t have to be limited to my main-man-Mario, but I think many of us Nintendo fans would be eager to do some creative work once again.

Splatoon 2 Getting Updates For Another Year


This one is an obvious one for anyone who knows me. I absolutely LOVE Splatoon. I love Splatoon, and Splatoon 2, and the upcoming Splatoon Infinity… whenever they get around to that entry. Since its release last July, we have been graced with a large amount of stages, twenty to be exact, plus the Shifty Station stages which show up only during Splatfests. Of these stages, eight are from the previous game. Nintendo had said they were planning about a year’s worth of updates and that year is almost up. They’re at a nice round number for stages and they’ve brought back half of the original’s stages. They very well could be done now. The Octo-Expansion is coming out to expand the single-player but that could be the last of things. I do not want this. I want more. After realizing just how massive this list already is, maybe I don’t need too much more but it would be cool to see the other Splatoon (Wii U) stages make an appearance. I still miss Mahi-Mahi Resort, Saltspray Rig, and Museum d’Alfonsino. I really hope that the Shifty Stages they made somehow come into the rotation once Splatfests are done, but I hope they continue to have Splatfests well into the next year. I think Splatoon had 16 total Splatfests and we’d be nearing 11 or 12 now (or more if you count the fact we had a tournament-style one this past May). Really does look like things are coming to a close for Splatoon 2, and while I have now hit over 400 hours in that title, and will continue to add to it with the current content, I would adore some more. Rumor is there’s a new Ranked Mode coming though so that’s a start.

New Zelda Using The Breath of the Wild Engine


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the breath of life the Legend of Zelda series needed. I don’t want to see it grow stale but I think until the next big idea comes from Nintendo, I’d like to see a medium-sized idea at least and I want it to use the groundwork that Breath of the Wild set forth. Lets get a new Zelda game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I wouldn’t mind seeing some ideas from that game come more into play too, like understanding people’s routines better and having NPCs come more into the fray as important pieces in Link’s life. However there was something amazing about Breath of the Wild‘s vast openness and solemn solitude, so maybe there’s a balance. Really, just something new from the Zelda series would already be appreciated but probably just because I don’t want to wait another entire console generation before the next Zelda experience comes out. Maybe a better way to handle this would be to make the next Zelda game actually star Zelda. Use the same engine, make Zelda the main character, and have a lot of fun. People thought that the DLC we saw in Breath of the Wild was going to do just this, but it didn’t. Perhaps we just have a whole new game do it for us.

Wave Race comes to Switch


I wonder just how plausible this one really is, but my sixth and final ‘plausible’ wish is that the Wave Race series returns. Wave Race: Blue Storm was an epic launch title for the Gamecube. The water physics were top-shelf, the courses beautiful and intricate, and the gameplay was just plain fun. With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe already out, we need a new racer and I don’t think that Nintendo should let Team Sonic Racing be that itch-scratcher. Sure there’s also the upcoming Trailblazers and possible a Star-Fox racer even… but lets dive back into the water and see the sun shine on our faces. Make it an eShop-only title if you must. I don’t really understand why this series disappeared off Nintendo’s radar, but it has, and that is a sin that needs repenting.

Lets finish our day-dreaming off with some quick ideas that really will never happen… or at least it feels like that. However, I have some reasons for justifying my hopes! Let me elaborate.

Banjo-Kazooie is the newest 3rd party Smash Character


This one sounds crazy… I’m sure you can’t bear my illogical idea… thinking I’m all bird-brained for it… but hear me out. As recently as this past March, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer used Twitter to directly address a fan’s question about Banjo and Kazooie appearing in the next Super Smash Bros. title. When asked if he’d let it happen despite Microsoft owning the property, he simply replied, “Yep.” Might as well insert a .gif from Dumb & Dumber because he’s saying there’s a chance! Would Nintendo capitalize on this? I really think they would. It’s not like this 3rd Party character would be one without a link to Nintendo as a company. In fact, its incredibly ingrained in its history as one of the best series to grace the N64 era. Add to that, the fact that Banjo-Kazooie is still a beloved franchise and pair of characters,… one without a current game to be inadvertently advertising over on the Microsoft side of things, and it seems like a win-win for Nintendo. Plus, for a win-win-win, this dual-character idea would likely be another great addition like Duck Hunt & Dog were. Unique moves pulled from the gigantic pre-existing moveset would round out the whole thing. Imagine playing a stock-match between Mario and Banjo & Kazooie, while hearing a rock version of the Spiral Mountain theme in the background. I’m drooling honey right now just thinking about it.

Timesplitters 4 Announced For Switch


It was 2002 and I discovered a game called Timesplitters 2. It had an incredible story mode and some wicked-fun multiplayer. It was like Goldeneye 007 or Perfect Dark had made it to my Gamecube but with more humor. Brilliant. Then Timesplitters: Future Perfect came out in 2005 as I was in college. This took things to a whole new level in the story and multiplayer action. The Timesplitters series was officially one of my favorites. Then two years later, Timesplitters 4 was in the works. Free Radical, the developer who had been working on these titles, was putting their charm back into another. However the studio became Crytek UK and stopped supporting Nintendo platforms. They made Haze along with Ubisoft as publisher and they developed two of the games in the Crysis series. After an Xbox 360 port of Warface in 2014, the whole company just shut down. Concept art and interviews still remain about what once was for this game. I would love to see Nintendo buy these rights, and even seek out any of the original team, and make this game a reality. If they could pull off another Bayonetta 2-style moment where a long-awaited sequel was a Nintendo-exclusive… what a mind-blow that would be. This would be a perfect game for it. If it doesn’t happen though, I’d love to see Nintendo make their own entry into this kind of genre. Nintendo once had incredibly first-person shooters on their console and already that seems to be happening again with 3rd Parties helping out. Let’s keep this trend going Nintendo. Now’s your shot!

Mother 3 Announced For Switch or 3DS


I have very little to say about this. I have never played Earthbound or Earthbound: Beginnings though I own both in some fashion. I just really want Mother 3 to come out again because it has been desired so strongly by various friends of mine for so long. Nintendo… just do it. Make the world’s jaw drop. Half of them will drop in amazement and joy. The other will drop in confusion because I don’t think Earthbound or Mother has that much appeal outside of the hardcore fanbase. Still, it would get all the outlets talking about you even more, and it would satisfy a significant chunk of your fanbase. Make it happen, Cap’t!


So that’s it I suppose! Six things I’d love to see, and three I’d REALLY love to see… but will any ever come to fruition? We’ll find out particularly in three-day’s time when Nintendo has their 45-minute E3 presentation at Noon Eastern-time. Perhaps more will come out in the Nintendo Treehouse events. I have plans to extend my lunch as long as possible to enjoy these events live on Tuesday but surely a lot of surprises are in store whether I can watch live or not.


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