E3 2018 Predict-a-ton! RESULTS!

Nintendo once again showcased a single game as their primary focus at E3. This time it was the previously teased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Nobody could have guessed that Nintendo would bring back EVERY fighter in the expansive series. We also didn’t expect Fox McCloud to show up in a 3rd party game nor a bunch of key titles to end up being no-shows. It was an E3 many didn’t quite expect, for good or bad. This was E3 2018.


How did you predictions fare? Lets find out!

A) Expected : 2 pts

01) Super Smash Bros. for Switch is a BRAND NEW Smash game

02) Full Reveal of Nintendo Switch’s Online Service

03) Yoshi (for Switch) Trailer

04) New amiibo revealed

05) Official Release Date for Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion

06) New Nindies Announced (at least two)

07) Mario Tennis Aces to receive later DLC updates

08) New Joy-con Color(s)

09) At least 2 new Switch retail games from Nintendo

10) At least 2 new 3DS retail games from Nintendo

B) Rumored : 4 pts

01) New 2D Mario revealed

02) Fortnite coming to Switch

03) Nintendo Online app gets overhaul

04) Star Fox: Grand Prix officially announced

05) Bayonetta 3 Details

06) New Main-line Animal Crossing Game Unveiled

07) The Wonderful 101 bring ported to Switch

08) N64 Classic Edition Debuts

09) Overcooked 2 Announced

10) New Super Mario Odyssey World(s) as DLC

C) High risk : 6 pts

01) Pikmin 4 Revealed

02) New Joy-con Type (i.e. True D-Pad, GameCube Joystick, Camera nub, etc)

03) Rabbids join as fighters in Super Smash Bros. Switch

04) New Themed Switch (console itself, may also include joy-cons)

05) Trailer for the new Pokemon (core series)

06) Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay Revealed

07) New Full-Roster amiibo planned for Super Smash Bros. Switch

08) E3 Demos on the eShop

09) Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch

10) Two new Labo kits announced!

D) MEGATON : 10 pts

01) Third-Pillar Platform Revealed

02) Pokemon amiibo series

03) Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros

04) Major Franchise Typically On PS/XB Coming To Switch (not Fortnite or Fallout)

05) Details for the next Zelda game

06) Native voice chat patched into Nintendo Switch

07) GB Classic Announced

08) ‘Mother 3’ Announced For Nintendo Online

09) Fallout franchise coming to Switch in some form

10) Nintendo obtains new 2nd Party Developer

Bonus Prediction : (OPTIONAL)

These franchises haven’t seen a new game in a while. WIN or LOSE 50 points by picking one to be announced. Remember, this is optional!

Choose from: 1080 Snowboarding, Advance Wars, Eternal Darkness, Excite, F-Zero, Golden Sun, Ice Climbers, Kid Icarus, Mario Party, Pokemon Snap, Punch-Out!!, Rhythm Heaven, Star Tropics, Wario, Wave Race.

A couple of people in the below list who participated in social media this year had done so through a community called NinTemple, but for almost all of you, this is the first time you voted! Thank you to everyone who did, new or old, and I hope you had a great time thinking about your choices, experiencing E3, and now seeing the results. Without further hesitation… the results!!!

FIRST PLACE: @Alex_Olney: 12 pts

SECOND PLACE: Bigdamnhero: 8 pts

Third Place (tie): @Super_Conzo & OmegaMetroid93: -4 pts

MrTomaytoHead: -8 pts
Tak: -12 pts
Kris Wright: -22 pts
RGNinja64: -24 pts
ccesarano: -28 pts
Ninsage: -28 pts
@elephante88: -32 pts
Nate Pisarski: -32 pts
Adam Pisarski: -40 pts
Rocket: -42 pts
Zoso1701: -66 pts
@Nosey_Tengu: -72 pts
@The_9th_Sage: -74 pts
Logan Brown: -158 pts

Overall there was quite a bit of negative scoring this year. The fact that a lot less came true from Section B than expected really hurt the scores. The most popular picks were for A01 – Super Smash Bros. for Switch is a BRAND NEW Smash game, A04 – New amiibo revealed, and A09 – At least 2 new Switch retail games from Nintendo. None of that is really a surprise as all came true. The most voted for categories that did NOT come true were A03 – Yoshi (for Switch) Trailer, B05 – Bayonetta 3 Details, and C06 – Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay Revealed. Interesting for Nintendo to skip all three of those. We’ve since learned Yoshi was delayed but what about the other two things! I guess it just wasn’t their time to shine. I smell another Direct. Overall we had about 10.5% of users in the green this year. Nonetheless, everyone, thank you for participating! It’s always a blast!

Have a great summer! Until next E3… see ya!


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