Splatoon 2’s Labor Day Weekend Splatstravaganza!!!

Last night was SO. MUCH. FUN!


For the past week I had been trying to gather up a bunch of friends for a few hours of dedicated, private, Splatoon 2 gaming, complete with us all chatting it up on Discord. Sorry Nintendo, but we didn’t even try to use your app. What came of this evening was that nine of us, over roughly four hours, played 31 matches of Splatoon awesomeness. The modes would change, in order, every two matches. The stages were always randomized. Not everyone started playing originally and not all made it through the end. In fact, only four of us played the last third or so of matches. I’ll tell you, playing a 2v2 in the different modes is a fun, rewarding, and very challenging experience. You have to change your strategies up a lot. With less people supporting your cause, teams need to work even harder to get things accomplished. At the same time, there may also be a little more reprieve from the harsher elements.

As many who know me understand, I really enjoy seeing how things go in Splatoon 2 from a stats perspective. I use a tracking sheet I made up back in the Splatoon (Wii U) days which helps me see how I do in each of the monthly Splatfest events. Well, I couldn’t apply that form here but I did make another one. I used the Nintendo Switch Online App to log all the different matches that took place and I just completed the analysis moments ago. It took a lot of time… more than I really imagined. Luckily though, it was all there for the reading. The only things that skew some of my numbers is that during the two matches I spectated in (when we had an odd number of players), I do NOT have the ‘Death’ data for each character since it doesn’t log the matches when I’m not playing in them. That’s a bit of a bummer, but not a big deal either way. I was able to nab the other data related to those two matches by taking a screenshot on the Switch (and my phone for a backup). Without further ado, here are the general stats I can calculate (and that I find relevant) from the time spent last night. First you’ll see the general stats about all of us and the night, then a few player-specific stats I also calculated for my curious friends.

How’d The Night Go?

  • Total Turf Inked: 148,220p
  • Total Splats: 1,126
  • Total Specials Used: 360
  • Total Matches Had: 31 Matches
  • Most Played Mode: Turf War (by one final night-cap match)
  • Average Specials Per Match: 17 Specials Amongst Us All
  • Most Frequent Stage: Port Mackerel (4 visits)
  • Stages Never Played: Piranha Pit, Shellendorf Institute, Starfish MainStage, Sturgeon Shipyard, Wahoo World, and Walleye Warehouse


  • Matches Played: 29 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 23,658p inked
  • Total Splats: 216 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 68 deaths (lowest of the night!)
  • Total Specials: 62 specials launched (highest of the night!)
  • Win Streak: 5 matches won in a row
  • Best Mode**: Rainmaker
  • Worst Mode**: Turf War


  • Matches Played: 18 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 13,448p inked
  • Total Splats: 63 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 115 deaths
  • Total Specials: 38 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 3 matches won in a row
  • Best Mode**: Rainmaker
  • Worst Mode**: Clam Blitz


  • Matches Played: 15 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 12,953p inked
  • Total Splats: 59 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 87 deaths
  • Total Specials: 35 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 2 matches won in a row
  • Best Mode**: Turf War
  • Worst Mode**: Splat Zones


  • Matches Played: 26 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 15,839p inked
  • Total Splats: 180 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 123 deaths
  • Total Specials: 40 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 8 matches won in a row (tie for highest of the night!)
  • Best Mode**: Turf War
  • Worst Mode**: Clam Blitz


  • Matches Played: 14 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 7,319p inked
  • Total Splats: 40 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 73 deaths
  • Total Specials: 11 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 2 matches won in a row
  • Best Mode**: Tower Control
  • Worst Mode**: Clam Blitz


  • Matches Played: 18 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 12,286p inked
  • Total Splats: 59 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 126 deaths
  • Total Specials: 23 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 2 matches won in a row
  • Best Mode**: Splat Zones
  • Worst Mode**: Rainmaker


  • Matches Played: 18 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 14,285p inked
  • Total Splats: 122 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 81 deaths
  • Total Specials: 51 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 1 match won in a row
  • Best Mode**: Turf War
  • Worst Mode**: Clam Blitz


  • Matches Played: 25 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 21,316p inked
  • Total Splats: 119 splats
  • Total Deaths*: 101 deaths
  • Total Specials: 44 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 3 matches won in a row
  • Best Mode**: Clam Blitz
  • Worst Mode**: Rainmaker


  • Matches Played: 29 matches
  • Total Turf Inked: 27,116p inked
  • Total Splats: 268 splats
  • Total Deaths: 120 deaths
  • Total Specials: 56 specials launched
  • Win Streak: 8 matches won in a row (tie for highest of the night!)
  • Best Mode**: Tower Control
  • Worst Mode**: Turf War


  1. Total Turf Inked does NOT include any 1,000 point Win Bonuses. These are pure turf coverage numbers.
  2. Best Mode* was calculated by how many wins a person had by mode. In the case of ties, how well they ranked on those winning teams was put into consideration.
  3. Worst Mode** was calculated by how many losses a person had by mode. Any ties also looked at the ranking but in the opposite direction.

Thanks again for everyone who played! Let’s do it again some time! I’ll tell you what though… I don’t expect to analyze like this next time, lol. I could have been playing this whole time! Come to think of it… *runs to his Nintendo Switch*


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