2019 Gaming Challenge

My beautiful wife told me about a Reading Challenge she was planning to do for the 2019-year. In it there are 50 bullet points of book-types or themes that she needs to check off as she reads this year. It’s a bit ambiguous if the same book can count for multiple check boxes even if it does follow suit for multiple. As she starts telling me this, I instantly think… “Gaming Challenge!”.  Yep, I’ll try the same thing but with video games! Should I be reading more, most likely, will I though? Not in the near future. Really I want to start woodworking once the weather warms and that’ll be a new hobby for now. Between woodworking and gaming I think I’ll have my free-time covered. Now, leave it to me to start a 2019 Challenge damn near a month in. I’m not the most timely with year-end, year-start, year-summary posts, so of course as I think about this I am already a month behind. I am not sure if I want to repurpose any of the 14 games I’ve already beaten this month.

Yeah, that’s right, fourteen games.

I think I will try NOT to use any of those games, except for perhaps the one that I just beat today since I did finish that after deciding to attempt this challenge. Also, I think I’m okay using one game for multiple categories but I think I could cap it at two categories max for a particular game. If I meet the challenge requirements really fast, maybe I’ll go back for a round two and attempt to make each entry unique. For that, I’ll denote each entry as a primary and secondary category, mainly by how well the category fits. Then I’ll write a post on each entry I complete as I complete them. They won’t quite be game reviews but I will try to write briefly on the game as it relates to the category itself. Another rule will be that is it OK to play and beat a game I have played and/or beat before, unless the category specifically notes not to.

While I could start this ASAP, it’s getting late and I need to head to my night’s slumber. Thus I’ll finish this post with the very list that’s got my attention. Give it a shot yourself if you dare.

2019 Gaming Challenge

  1. A Game Which Takes On Average More Than 25 Hours
  2. A Game You Haven’t Played By A Developer You Love
  3. A Game Awards Winner in 2018 (any category)
  4. A Game You Can Beat In A Day
  5. A Game About a Difficult Topic
  6. Recommended By A Friend
  7. A Game That Will Make You Cry (doesn’t actually have to but should intend to try)
  8. Game Published in 2009
  9. Game Becoming a Movie in 2019
  10. A Genre You Don’t Normally Play
  11. Childhood Classic Game (Nostalgia-driven)
  12. A Game Whose Box Art Is Primarily Your Favorite Color
  13. A Game Bought At A Thrift Store/Resale Shop (not Gamestop)
  14. A Game Rated T-for-Teen
  15. All Three Games In A Trilogy
  16. A Dystopian Game
  17. Award-Winning Game
  18. A Game Typically Found In The Speed-Run Circuits
  19. A Game Published The Decade Before You Were Born (now that’ll be a bit tricky, so remakes will count here)
  20. A Game Taking Place In Your Favorite Historical Period
  21. A Classic Game You’ve Never Played
  22. A Game That Will Keep You Up All Night
  23. 2018 Bestseller
  24. Non-fiction Game About Science
  25. A Game With Many Cutscenes
  26. A Game Set In Your Home State/Region
  27. A Game You Once Started But Never Finished
  28. A Game With A One Word Title
  29. A Fairy Tale Retelling/Themed Game
  30. A Game Knowingly Beloved By A Celebrity
  31. A Game You Played In High School
  32. A Business/Finance Sim Game
  33. An ‘Autobiographical’ or ‘Historically Accurate’ Game
  34. A Game Set In Another Country
  35. Re-Play a Favorite Game
  36. A Game By A Local Indie Developer (consider a general region as OK)
  37. A Banned Game (any game which was not allowed somewhere for some reason)
  38. A Heavily-Narrated Game
  39. The Game In Your Backlog The Longest
  40. A Game About Travel
  41. A Popular Game You’ve Never Played
  42. A Game With a Crime Element
  43. A Game With Roots In Reality
  44. A Science-Fiction Game
  45. A Game You Own But Haven’t Played
  46. A Game Recommended By A Local Game Shop Clerk (Gamestop OK here)
  47. 2019 New Release
  48. The First Game In A Series
  49. A Game With Beautiful Box Art
  50. A Game With An Inspirational Story

So that’s it. It will be tough because I’ve never beaten this many games ever in a single year. I even TRIED last year and didn’t hit this. Maybe Indies will help a lot. However maybe just my double-category thing will help. Some might consider that cheating. Some may not. Make your own call on this if you decide to try it. Oh, one last rule too, in the same vein as playing games I have beaten before, any backlog games I may have started will also count. I may choose to restart those though. We shall see. Despite one category specifically suggesting to play a game you’ve started already, this could apply to any game, though I will aim to keep that to a minimum.

Will you try this? Have you done a different challenge in the past?