A new trend in Twitter hashtag games is the #GamesStruck4 tag. I decided to play along. Here are five sentences each about each title that I’d choose as some of my most influential and most memorable. I think that’s what the hashtag is about anyway. It seems to have a different meaning to many people and hell, I might be picking different games if it were a different day. Alas, here’s tonight’s mood and opinion.


The pinnacle of collecting and exploring, this game stunned me and still does. The soundtrack has stuck with me to the point I recently picked up the vinyl set. I have 100%ed this game multiple times and I can remember every nook and cranny to this day. This game has since inspired my Instagram account name and my cat’s name. This will always be one of my favorite and most influential titles of all time.



Having put nearly 1,000 hours into this series in the past three years between it’s original and sequel, this series has been a hobby-changer for me. I find such enjoyment, and fever, and intensity in these four-on-four matches. Ranked Modes are fun and the Story is a major treat. It’s Turf War though that pulls me back in… each and every day. I rarely go without playing for at least a match or two.


Super Mario 64

Despite Banjo-Kazooie being the overall better game in my eyes, Super Mario 64 defined the start of my maturation into modern gaming. I was a Genesis Kid, NES Kid, and Gameboy Boy, but it was Christmas morning when I think I truly became a life-long gamer. Bacon sizzling in the background, with my loving parents preparing a delicious breakfast, I spent Christmas morning in 1996 climbing up a mountain with my main-man-Mario! What I found up there changed my sense of amazement and confidence permanently. The remaining 119 stars were just icing on the cake.


Timesplitters: Future Perfect

My fourth title could have been a lot of them but this one came to mind. This game was so bonkers and had such a great story. It tapped into my scientific-appreciative mind and brought me face to face with not just time travel, but giant Gingerbread Men and a Zombie-Deer. The time spent playing multiplayer with my cousin and friends, in the same room mind you, are hours and hours I will never ask to trade. This game bonded people over laugher and tactics.



Identifying Billy Mitchell

So you may or may not have heard the news, but famed Billy Mitchell had once held the world record for Donkey Kong at a score of 1,062,800 points. He held various similar and previous records, most infamously the 1,047,200 score which earned him the nickname the King of Kong. He had these scores up until very recently when he had his high score and any others all stripped of legitimacy. Even The Guinness World Records were notified of the change. The change was finalized by TwinGalaxies, a group that manages some of the most prestigious gaming leaderboards in the world.

However it is not this news that brought me some joy today. I honestly don’t quite care about Billy Mitchell’s scores, though I do have an appreciation for gamers keeping players honest in utilizing the proper ruleset to generate those scores. That said, I was scrolling through Twitter today when I came across the very post that @TwinGalaxies posted on the matter.

A comment had some attention from a user named Ethan Hunt. He wrote,…

“Ridiculous I stand with billy Mitchell. It’s a witch hunt I tell you. Everyone is just jealous of the cool infocommercials he does. I still think his oxiclean ones are the best”.

However then someone who goes by the name DavCloud replied,

“That’s Billy Mays. Billy Mitchell was the dad who narrated The Princess Bride.”

It didn’t stop there. Next Matt Armstrong replied,

“That’s Peter Falk. Billy Mitchell was the guy who performed Danger Zone from Top Gun!”.

This continued on in the same pattern of someone explaining who the previous person was talking about and then making the same mistake for over thirty replies. It was amazing. I felt like I had discovered a treasure chest in Zelda or that someone in front of me bought my coffee at Starbucks. (Fun Fact: That would never happen because I do not buy anything at Starbucks.) Alas it was a joy to come across because of how in-sync folks were with it. The thread has continued for eight hours now and it makes me wonder when it will truly stop. At what point will it cease? I’m tagged in it now because I had to partake… I couldn’t resist. So I’ll see where this ride goes and how it’ll end. You can check out the specific Twitter-thread by clicking on this very link to the thread. As of this writing though I wanted to share what has been said in order. I won’t be quoting the different Twitter users at this point so please be sure to go give them props if you like a particular one. Below you’ll also notice that some lines are juxtaposed to the right. This is because they’re anecdotes as the convo got slightly side-tracked. My particular contribution is in bold.

“Ridiculous I stand with billy Mitchell. It’s a witch hunt I tell you. Everyone is just jealous of the cool infocommercials he does. I still think his oxiclean ones are the best”

“That’s Billy Mays. Billy Mitchell was the dad who narrated The Princess Bride.”

“That’s Peter Falk. Billy Mitchell was the guy who performed Danger Zone from Top Gun!”

“You’re thinking of Kenny Loggins. Billy Mitchell won American Idol season 11 and his debut song became a huge hit.”

“You’re thinking of Phillip Phillips. Billy Mitchell is the guy who voiced Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc.”

“That’s Billy Crystal. Billy Mitchell was the first companion of the Doctor Who revival.”

“That’s Billie Piper. Billy Mitchell was the dude who wrote Hamlet.”

“That’s William Shakespeare. Billy Mitchell was the protagonist and title of an Adam Sandler movie about a rich kid who goes back to school.”

“That’s Billy Madison. Billy Mitchell was a famous outlaw in the Wild West.”

“That’s Billy the Kid! Billy Mitchell was the guy who had an excellent adventure through time with his best friend, Ted.”

“That’s William ‘Bill’ S. Preston. Billy Mitchell is the title of a Michael Jackson song.”

“That’s Billy Jean. Billy Mitchell is the name of one of the villains from Dragon Ball Z”

“That’s Buu. Billy Mitchell is the name of the guy who sang Piano Man”

“That’s Billy Joel. Billy Mitchell is the name of the President in the movie Dave.”

“No, thats Bill Mitchell Billy Mitchell was the actor most known for Colt 45 beer ads and his appearances as Lando Calrissian.”

“No, that’s Billy D. Williams. Billy Mitchell was the televangelist known as “America’s Preacher.””

“You’re thinking of Billy Graham. Billy Mitchell was the guy Donald Trump was talking to on that Access Hollywood tape.”

“You’re thinking of Billy Bush. Billy Mitchell is the mayor of New York City.”

“Nah, that’s Bill de Blasio. Billy Mitchell is the front man of Green Day.”

“No, that’s Billy Joe Armstrong. Billy Mitchell played Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the original Star Trek series.”

“Nah that’s Bill Shatner. I think a ‘billy mitchell’ is a type of truncheon used for beating people about the head.”

“No, that’s a baton. Billy Mitchell was a two term president of the United States who got impeached in the 1990s.”

“I believe the answer they were looking for was Billy Club”

“A baton is still an unforgettable truncheon.”

“I’ll personally never forget when Billy Mitchell tried to kill Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic.”

“No, that was billy Zane. Billy Mitchell was that boy in that 2000 movie about a boy who wants to dance and do ballet just like the rest of the girls”

“Silly Ethan! That was Billy Elliot. Billy Mitchell was that crazy brother-of-a-president that had his own beer, Billy Beer!”

“That’s Billy Busch. Billy Mitchell was a US Army General considered to be the father of the Air Force.”

“No, Billy Mitchell was that lead singer for the 1990s alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins.”

You’re mistaken, that was Billy Corgan. Billy Mitchell was the guy said “it’s a nice day, for a white wedding.” And ya know, it really was a nice day that day.

“Oh Stephen that was Billy idol! Billy Mitchell was the old guy who was married to Angelina Jolie.”

“Lindsay! That was Billy Bob Thornton. Billy Mitchell was the jovial bear that had a chain of fun pizza restaurants that featured his amazing band!”

“That’s Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Billy Mitchell is one half of a pair of kids who has “soul” possession over Grim the Reaper.”

“No that was the Grim Adventures of Billy. Billy Mitchell was the Ghostbuster that slimed in the hotel.”

“Nah thats Bill Murray. Billy Mitchel was the guy in pokemon red and blue who accidentally turned into an Abra”

“Nah, that was Bill. Billy Mitchell is that thing that you server gives you when you’re done eating your food at a restaurant.”

“Silly Alex that’s a bill. Billy Mitchell is the fat, bald guy in King of the Hill that got divorced.”

“No, that was Bill Dautreive Billy Mitchell was the female tennis star who won the battle of the sexes.”

“Nah, that’s Billie Jean King. Billy Mitchell was that Disney animator who went on to write a kid’s book about a dove raising a griffin.”

“Silly Codie, that’s Bill Peet. Billy Mitchell was that guy what founded Microsoft with Paul Allen.”

“Silly Kyoji that’s Bill Gates. Billy Mitchell is the guy who voices Fry on Futurama”

“No that’s Billy West! Billy Mitchell was the guy from Twister who found his soulmate in a vortex of love”

and then lastly…

“No, that’s Bill Paxton. Billy Mitchell is an orange-yellow pigment formed in the liver by the breakdown of hemoglobin and excreted in bile.”

I still don’t quite understand why this joys me so much. But it does. Hope it made you smirk as well.

Kickstarter Notice: TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME

Many years ago I made an internet friend through the long-running Nintendo fan forum, www.NegativeWorld.org. Well, I’ve met many friends through there but you may know of one guy… Mr. Matthew Taranto. He knows a LOT of people as he ran the insanely popular and incredibly well-produced Nintendo-inspired fan comic series Brawl In The Family. In that comic, various characters from the Super Smash Bros. series get into crazy antics and funny scenarios. Taranto was brilliant with how he played each of their personalities off of one another. Arguably, no character hit the mainstream and meme circuit more than his take on Waluigi. Creepy, maniacal, peculiar… Waluigi was taken to entirely new heights when Brawl In The Family took the stage. The web comic ran from 2008 through 2014 when its final chapter was written to the disappointment of many fans. Matthew used his deserved internet fame to launch multiple kickstarter programs which would solidify his series in a truly robust book form. I proudly have the full collection in my home library. With that series we thought he was truly done (except for perhaps the comics he draws for Nintendo Force). That in itself is a great Nintendo-centric paper magazine funded solely through Patreon. I digress. It came to a major surprise when suddenly Matthew’s fourth kickstarter campaign was launched for his new book all about Waluigi called…


Too Bad Waluigi Time

As you can see from the screenshot I took tonight… he has ALREADY his his goal of $25,000 dollars. His kickstarter breaks it all out and now he has the funding to make this book in the same fantastic quality of his past books. I proudly threw my support into the ring as Mr. 175th Supporter! Considering I supported this book within the first moments of its existence, being 175th is a fantastic thing to see. Seeing he now has three times that amount is even better. Each and every dollar from here on out will go to making this  book as full and fantastic as he can possibly make it. The publisher he partnered with for the previous Brawl In The Family books did amazing things in regards to the quality of the physical books.

The best way to see if this book might interest you is to simply check out the kickstarter website yourself. Click here to do so. He has a great video showcasing what you may expect from the whole ordeal. I can tell that by the quality and humor he has put into his kickstarter itself, this is going to be something special once again. If you think anything when you think Matthew Taranto, think Quality.

I leave you with one of the comics he showcases on his kickstarter page. Think of it as a final tease and temptation before you go support this book. Please give it some consideration.

Waluigi Time Sample Comic

Coming Home: Part One

I sat there on my couch watching some Doctor Who with my fiancee. We had been doing a lot of wedding talk this weekend. Our big day is months away but there is a lot to be done. Our day is meant to be one of love, friends, family, and gaming. We started our relationship long-distance and Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a huge proponent in our early relationship. We would play and share and support. What we did in the game spread to our relationship as we have had a playful, selfless, and supportive relationship for years. Since ACNL had such a huge impact, our wedding overall has tinges of Nintendo gaming and our reception in particular will have a heavy Animal Crossing theme. I figured I’d go visit Lucciola once more, my old town from long ago.

Booting up my New 2DS XL, I hit up my Play Records to see what was going on. It seems I first played Animal Crossing: New Leaf on June 13th, 2013. I don’t suspect that’s accurate as I recall this being a day one game. However I used to dabble in time manipulation for the sake of earning back Play Coins. I used to be heavy into the puzzle-collecting scene. Nonetheless my last played time was October 4th, 2015, which seems a bit more appropriate. The idea that is has been over two years is accurate. Yet, the game still holds such a special place in my heart. The series really. I still find myself missing Sydney, the cheery Koala who always made my day, as if she was a real person. I’ve actually been hesitant to hop in because I know I can’t dedicate the time I’d want to and that they’d deserve. Like an old friend coming home for a weekend, afraid to rekindle with the friends they had in highschool,… Worried they let them down, or couldn’t help them. Seems truly silly. I had spent 608:34 hours total into the game over my time with it. 604 play sessions, thus averaging an hour or so. It still is to this day my number one most played 3DS game by hours and stands behind only the StreetPass Mii Plaza and the System Settings for times opened. For comparison my fourth most opened software on 3DS was Pokemon Shuffle at a measly 451 instances.

Enough preamble. It was time for me to hop on the train and see how things were back home. By the time I was able to sit down and begin the endeavor some time had actually passed. So it was now 9:30 PM or so when I dove in. I was greeted by Isabelle who took time to not only be a little shocked to see me but also to explain all about some new additions to my town. I hadn’t booted this game up since the Welcome amiibo DLC was added so this was quite new.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 1

When I finally left my house the sun was down and the moon was shining bright. It was quite apparent that I had been away for a bit. Pete was there to let me know he couldn’t deliver any more messages because my mailbox was full. It frantically shook behind me. “Yeah Pete, I am well aware. Thanks.” It was now that I realized I never fixed my 2DS XL’s time for day-light’s savings time. So it was apparently around 8:41 PM when I started exploring. I found my old yard was still looking good. A slew of hybrid flowers covered the area. Deena was still watering those things. She always was really good at being a neighbor with a green thumb. She couldn’t believe it was me she was seeing. She demanded (politely) that I let everyone know that the leader of Lucciola had returned. Then she asked for a Wharf Roach and was on her way. There was so many different places I could go. So much to see! I headed right and found that someone new was moving in… and probably was building their house right on top of some of my hybrids! WHAT THE HECK!? Well… I couldn’t be that mad after all. It’s not like I was here policing the situation. I was still surprised though.

But if she was moving in then… WHO MOVED OUT!? I dashed as quick as I could west. I recall that’s where Sydney lived. Sydney was my best friend in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf high points. She was the sunshine that came to me daily and early. Sydney has a normal personality. Her level-headed kindness was truly a treat to behold. It’s half the reason I felt so connected to this game. I ran so fast that I completely blew past Beau, the deer who lived next to her. Luckily, while Beau looked at me oddly, I gazed upon Sydney’s home. She was still here. Hopefully she’d stay for a while yet. I might as well go say hi to Beau though I thought. He was saying “bubble” a lot. Deena did too. It seems the new ‘it’ word in town was “bubble”. I was cool with that. He wanted me to buy a weeping fig. Said we were meant to be together, the fig and I. I really didn’t want nor need a fig. I’m not big on houseplants. Yet, I couldn’t deny him the offer. He was trying to make my life bette. I took the deal. Conveniently I returned home with 10,000 bells CASH in my pocket. I could spare 960 bells. No big deal. The currency and economy in the Animal Crossing series is really well done. The online trading can be really weird and I have a whole story about a turkey that I could tell sometime, but for now, I just wanted to note that this game does money well. It’s not too easy to earn, but not too hard to save up. Items are mostly fairly priced but even the ones that aren’t are supposed to be that way. I’m thinking of you Gracie!

Animal Crossing Coming Home 2

I came upon my campsite I ran in town. However before I went in to greet the stranger I realized I wasn’t quite pleased with my look. Before I returned, I’m not sure where I was vacationing exactly… I was wearing some funky shorts, sandals, a spiderweb shirt, a sombrero, and some Sally-Jesse Raphael glasses. What a bender that must have been. I had nothing on me but for a Golden Shovel, a Golden Axe, and now a weeping fig. Couldn’t quite wear any of those. So I opted to use a pattern I had in reserve. It was a PRO one I nabbed off some website at some point. Link’s Blue Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. As I stood there changing a red balloon flew overhead. Having no idea where my slingshot was, I had to let it float by. I entered the tent and to my surprise, it was an anomalous creature who went by the name Graham. He was a hamster with a desire to stick me with his dingy playroom rug. I may have some really messed up hair from not having it kept up these last few years, but damn if I was going to get taken for a ride by some temporary resident.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 3

After politely backing out, I left. I just wanted to find Sydney and get to bed. I’d explore the rest of town and my old house in due time. I just needed to speak to Sydney, make sure she knew I still cared, and ensured she wouldn’t leave. In doing so I found a bunch of junk I left on the ground. Still there. This is a hell of a trusting town. Nobody touched my stuff for years and it was sitting in front of the Re-Tail Shop. That would have been tempting to pawn off for sure. Nearby I found the old cutout board I had setup in town. This board had seen some ugly artwork, but someone (maybe me) put on a Captain Toad cutout. How neat.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 4

Then walked over Goose. He was the resident Chicken. He said Eggcellent. He loved working out. He was pretty different than the rest of the crew. He was still wearing the ‘I Love You’ shirt I had made for my fiancee Erika long ago. It wasn’t even meant to be a shirt but merely a pattern for a sign. Still, I appreciated his dedication to love and kindness, despite being pretty pissed at me for missing our workouts.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 5

I had one thing left to do for the night. I had to find Sydney. I ran round town looking for her. Running down the shoreline. Running past Punchy’s (so glad he’s still here too). Then at the front of town I found her. She had a shovel and was likely digging for gold. It was so good to see her. She still called me Sunshine. I missed that. “You are an indispensable part of Lucciola!” she exclaimed. What a delight she is. She gave me a drip pail for no reason.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 7

Animal Crossing Coming Home 8

I walked back home calmly and happily. All was going to be well I think. I checked my mailbox, which was still freaking out and I read the usual junk mail. Though it seems Goose invited me to his birthday party last year… or the year before… Definitely missed that. Beau sent me a barbecue-scented letter just to make me hungry. In the end it seems a lot of my old friends were still here. Goose, Spork, Opal, Sydney, Coco, Deena, Beau, Punchy, and Tom all resided. If I recall correctly, I wanted Coco outta here. Maybe I’ll pick up on that. I need to say hi to Punchy and Spork. They are some other big favorites of mine. For now though I need rest, so saving and sleeping I did. In another installment I’ll write about my home decor. I haven’t seen my home in a while and I suspect my future actual upcoming wedding might have some references in there somewhere. It’ll be fun to check out.

Animal Crossing Coming Home 9

It’s nice to be back.

King’s Story Cafe

When I was visiting Atlanta, Georgia many years ago for business, I found a breakfast cafe called Egg Harbor Cafe. The meal and overall presentation of the restaurant blew my mind. The meal was adequately priced despite the plethora of portions, fantastic food quality, and incredible hospitality. I went there for breakfast four out of the five times I was able to that trip. Luckily it was discovered early on. This is the only location in the south however as this restaurant is based in the Chicago area, which is where I currently reside for another work-related trip. I knew I had to pop in finally and enjoy that Banana Bread French toast I had been waiting nearly the whole life-span of the Wii U for.

Today was my second of three planned days having breakfast there and today something extra special happened. As part of their general feel and premise, Egg Harbor Cafe has a very calm and quiet presence. The colors aren’t loud. The decor is homey. The music is calming. Instead of top 40 hits or some kind of ‘Best of’ Pandora station, they play classical music. I sat there enjoying my Peppers and Bacon skillet this morning when all the sudden I hear a very familiar classical track. The track was familiar because I recognized it from Little King’s Story. This detail just made my day. It has been a long day nonetheless so my memory of which particular song it was is slightly hazy but I believe it was the original classic track for the Little King’s Story track, “A Grand Palace”.  There’s a small chance it was the “Opening/Credits” theme but I am more confident it was the former.

Hearing this track made my morning. I started my day thinking fondly about one of my most fondly remembered gaming memories for the Nintendo Wii or otherwise. Little King’s Story is one of those games where I don’t remember the circumstances around when and why I bought it. I’m not quite sure what attracted me to it initially. Sure the Pikmin-style gameplay/management was cool but this game predates my love of Pikmin. The graphical style was really neat and the game was super meaty. The premise and execution was funky in a pleasing way. Yet, the music still always sands out to me as key.

Little King’s Story’s soundtrack involves almost all, if not all, classical music tracks that are redone to have a bit of a new sound and cleanness to the quality.  It kept the feeling of an actual small court of regal royalty strong. The mystical nature of why I was suddenly the King in town was fun, but enhanced in that I might know these tracks in reality let alone as my in-game character. I have listened to the soundtrack many times in my days. I am right now in fact.

Tomorrow I plan to revisit the Egg Harbor Cafe at the same location I’ve frequented the last two days. I will enjoy that Banana Bread French toast once more (but with some hashbrowns I think this time). I hope to hear more of that classical music. It would be neat to come across “Mozart eine kleine nachtmusik movement 4” once again. This is the track used for the basis and near entirety of “A Grand Palace” from Little King’s Story. Maybe I’ll hear even more familiar tracks. No matter what though, I fully expect a delicious, cost-effective, and speedy breakfast.

I hightly encourage any readers out there to do two things.

  1. Try to find a copy and then play Little King’s Story
  2. Visit an Egg Harbor Cafe while you’re in the Chicago or Atlanta areas.

You will not regret either of these decisions. I assure you.

Splatoon 2: Splatfest Results – 03/10/2018

Yesterday was rough. Splatfest did NOT go as I planned. I felt like I weighed down the overall cause for Team Egg. Today the results came in. I was hopeful but skeptical. The banter started. I saw that Team Egg took the popularity vote! Whoa! Awesome! 59% to 41%! What a difference! Now we had hope! We only needed to have been better than Team Chicken in one of the two other categories to win. However if Team Chicken was overall better, it was over. The Buda Buda Buda rang through the scene…




Splatfest Results March 2018


Oh! Crushed! Not just lost, but lost by a good margin! My ‘Solo’ effort showed through. Ironically enough my average percentage of wins literally was within a percent or so of the actual result. Wild and disappointing. Ah well. Good Game Team Chicken. At least Marina tried to explain some logic…

Marina's Logic

All in all, it was still fun. I ended up tracking a few matches after to see how I’m truly faring. I swear my ego isn’t that fragile but I did play some Splatoon 2 today and I won all five matches I was in. I was the top player in three of them. Who knows what happened yesterday. Bring on the next Splatfest though! I’ll be ready.

Splatfest: Chicken Vs Egg (Splatoon 2)

It’s that beautiful time of the month where squids and kids come together to splat each other. This time we do it over what came first, the Chicken or the Egg? A simple question that demands an all out brawl to decide! I love Splatfests because in their very nature the competition factor is raised up. The stakes are higher. Each pairing of options is relatively tame and sometimes even farmed out to something as brand-specific as ‘Spongebob vs. Patrick’. Today asks the simpler question in life and I chose ‘Egg’. I love how the colors for Splatfest are special against your own rivals. Today the stage is covered in a yolk-yellow and eggshell-white mix.

I was going to try and play in the evening as my region has Splatfest starting at 11pm on Friday. I was just too tired. After a decent-night’s rest I woke up to hit the squids and played my first ten matches. Things did not go well at first. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I was unfamiliar with the new stage. Maybe I was not playing my best. Maybe Team Egg was where all the less-skilled players flocked to. I don’t quite know but my first three matches were all losses. One on Humpback Pump Track and the next two on Shifty Station. Each Splatfest the stage ‘Shifty Station’ changes in drastic ways. This is a glorious feature of Splatoon 2 and I hope that someday we can revisit these Shifty Station stages somehow. This time around Shifty Station is a spiraling stage which has the end sections and middle eventually close off for the rest of the match. This means you need to strategize to get into those sections early enough to get trapped in. This way you can clean up and warp out, leaving permanent marks on your score. This fact… eluded me initially. My first two times in that stage were not strong….embarrassing really. Though, to be fair to myself, I was the top player on my team the first time in that stage… the first two matches in fact!


Once I learned the trick to the stage, my luck changed. Not that I suddenly cleaned up around there or anything but no longer was the stage working against me, just the opponents. As I continued to play I went from a 0/3 streak to 5/8. Three straight losses lead to five straight wins. With a loss in Shifty Station again (crushed!) and then a nice win in Walleye Warehouse, I ended my first 10 matches with a 6/10 record. A little low for my general average (as I’m usually 3/4 for wins) but not bad for starting out. Breakfast was calling my name (as was a shower) so I had to put down the N’Zap ’89 and leave my fellow squid-kids on the battlefield… for a little while anyway. Here are two favorite moments from the first wave of Splatfest battles…

…and one not so favorite moment. This is why I don’t play basketball.

Once the afternoon came, I jumped back in to support the team. The stages had changed. I was on the tail end of a set and so Shellendorf Institute and Manta Maria were chosen. I love me some Manta Maria but man my start back was horrible. Just couldn’t get my grips. Manta Maria is a pretty neatly themed stage. You’re on a giant boat with a mast in the middle connecting both areas. Lots of sneaky ways to progress. Shellendorf Institute is a stage I like a lot in theme but I’m not super fond of yet. I find that I have no real strategy for it yet. It has been around for a while so you’d think I’d come up with something by now. 1PM ET hit and the stages changed again. My record on both those stages tarnished for the rest of Splatfest. This time Sturgeon Shipyard and Kelp Dome join Shifty Station. Kelp Dome was one of my most hated in Splatoon for the Wii U but I’ve warmed up to the revised version featured in Splatoon 2. Despite my comfort in these stages… luck and skill were not my friends. I endured a horrible losing streak which massacred my ratio. Finally however, on Kelp Dome once again my luck changed. I raged and succeeded in another win, ending that streak. I nabbed 12 splats, 2,203 points, and used my special 4 times. Only died once. I even had this weird moment where I literally followed someone around the whole stage from their zone to mine and back. I didn’t get them but I got someone else in the process. I just couldn’t reach them. They must have had a heart attack in my pursuit. By the time my 19th match was over I was under a 50% win percentage overall and just an even 50% with ‘just Chicken’ as my opponent. My first match of the Splatfest was against Team Egg so that one match throws the numbers off a little bit. It pains me to see myself so close to NOT supporting my team. Its not that I’ve always won every Splatfest I’ve partaken in. However I have never not ADDED to my Team’s efforts. This is concerning. After a few more matches, still battered and bruised, I took a break.

Upon returning for the night after a hefty meal fit for a King, I prepared to fix that ratio of mine. Unfortunately that just didn’t happen. I played 12 more matches before I finally hit Egg Queen and it simply just wasn’t in the cards. I only won five of those matches. Even the matches where I was the Top Player on my team I still lost overall. I don’t always blame my teammates because I certainly screw up and I am occasionally the last player on my team. This Splatfest I just wasn’t feeling it I guess. No Shulk-ing out. It is highly disappointing that I ended up losing so much that I actually hurt my overall Team’s efforts in the Splatfest. That’s crazy and it has never happened previously. I guess this keeps me humble still. I suppose I chose the wrong side…. or maybe this was just the side for me anyway. Right now I am expecting Team Chicken to win. Maybe they were persuaded for the white ink. Ah well. Until next time! Here’s the image of my last match, which I did win. Then I’ll share my stats. Luckily despite my major losing streak, I finished my climb to Egg Queen with three back-to-back wins in Shifty Station, Moray Towers, and then finally MakoMart.



  • Total Matches Played To Reach “Egg Queen”: 37 Matches
  • Total Points Earned Overall: 50,200 points
  • Average Points Earned Per Match (Not Counting Bonus):  897 points
  • Most Points In A Single Match: 2,203 points
  • Matches As The Top Player On The Team: 12 Matches / 32.4% of Matches
  • Win/Loss Ratio: 17 wins to 20 losses
  • Weapon of Choice: N’Zap ’89
  • Best Session: Morning Session (60% Win Rate)
  • Total Splats: 254 Splats
  • Average Splats Per Game: 7 Splats
  • Maximum Splats In A Single Match: 12 Splats
  • Highest ‘Win’ Percentage: 66.3%
  • Closest Match Percentage: 2.20% (it was a loss)
  • Percentage of Matches Against My Own Team: 2.7% of Matches (1 of 37)
  • Most Played Stage: Shifty Station (10 times)
  • Most Played Stage Besides Shifty Station: Kelp Dome (8 times)
  • No-Death Matches: 1 Match (on Shifty Station)
  • Best Splat-to-Death Ratio For A Stage: Moray Towers – 371% Splat Rate (26 splats/7 deaths)

While it is embarrassing that I have three stages where I never won at all on… to be fair I only encountered those once. It was Humpback Pump Track, Manta Maria, and Shellendorf Institute. To put things in a better perspective, I ended up playing Walleye Warehouse four times and won each and every time on that. Then I had won fifty percent of the time on Sturgeon Shipyard, Moray Towers, and Shifty Station.


All in all this was a unique Splatfest. Despite the frustration, I am humbled and hopeful for my fellow #TeamEgg folks. The loser of Splatfest gets only three-less Sea-Snails as the winner at the full-rank. So win or lose, I am still going to enjoy the effort placed into the event. I need to rank up as much gear as I can because come the end of April I’ll have even more to tackle. I hope everyone had fun with Splatfest! I hope Nintendo lets us play all these fantastic Shifty Station stages once Splatfests are over. It’d be great if Splatfest never ended! Keep an eye out for a future post about the results. It’ll be short and sweet but I’d like to chronicle the result.